New Patients & Newborns

Are We a Good Fit?

Choosing a pediatrician for your child is an important decision. It is crucial that your Muskegon Pediatrician‘s philosophy on health and wellness aligns closely with that of your family.


We are a vaccinating practice. We strongly believe that vaccines save lives. Shoreline Pediatrics requires that all of our patients are immunized according to the current vaccine schedule recommended by the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics. All potential new patients must be up to date, or willing to get caught up, with their vaccines. We do not accept new families that do not vaccinate their children.


Congratulations on your new baby! We know this can be a very busy time for new parents as the family adjusts to having a new little baby in the home. Listed below are just a few things to inquire about with your health insurance company. These tips will help you understand your insurance policy better so that you do not receive an unexpected bill. You may either contact your insurance company directly or ask your employer.

We encourage parents-to-be to call our office for a prenatal appointment. This is a great way to get acquainted with our office and our doctors. During this call/visit/telehealth visit, we will answer any questions that you have about our practice or your new child.

Call our office to schedule a prenatal appointment!

Congratulations again and welcome to the Shoreline Pediatrics family!

Add your baby to your insurance policy

Please contact your insurance carrier to add your baby to your insurance policy ASAP. Most policies require the newborn to be added by one month of age in order for all expenses to be paid from the date of baby’s birth. Failure to do so may result in a personal balance that is the financial responsibility of the parent. The process can take up to 4 weeks to add the baby to the policy. Baby is considered to be under mother’s insurance and charged the designated co-pay from date of first visit until their insurance is active. Please contact the office as soon as baby’s insurance is active so we can make the necessary changes to the account and maximize reimbursement from time of birth.

Upon arrival

When your baby is born at an affiliated hospital, simply tell your obstetrician and the hospital staff that you have chosen Shoreline Pediatrics as your child’s pediatrician. Our office will be notified of your baby’s birth by the hospital staff and will round on the baby during his/her entire hospital stay. Upon discharge, please contact our office about scheduling your baby’s first visit to our office.

Schedule an Appointment

We accept same day appointments! For more information contact us at (231) 777-2732